TheraKids PT

NDT Aquatic and Land Based Physical Therapy

Amazing Theraputic Results from "Swim" and "Play" Time

Therakids PT provides specialized pediatric physical therapy both on land and in the pool to improve the overall function of children with special needs. The emphasis is on highly skilled clinical care combined with family involvement and education. All therapy sessions are one-on-one, so each client remains fully engaged and maximum therapeutic benefit is achieved.

Therakids PT has the unique ability to offer children and their families a variety of treatment settings. The clinic is located the home of Regina Kaplan, offering accessible parking and entrance to a treatment room with an abundance of pediatric rehabilitative equipment as well as a special “home” setting where children feel at ease to “play” and participate in individualized therapy programs. Aquatic physical therapy is offered at two different area YMCA’s, and a local hotel indoor pool year round.